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Online Baccarat Tips and Rules

Online baccarat is as exciting as the casino version. But there are some tips and guidelines a player needs to be familiar with before trying his hands in playing baccarat online.

To start with the game, the player just clicks the chip of his choice with its corresponding value. Choose the specific area on the online baccarat table. There are three options such as the player, banker or tie. After the player already made his choice, he places his bet on the specified area.

Each click on the specific area adds one chip to his bet. In increasing the amount of bet, just click and select another chip. If the player wishes to remove the chips from the selected area, he may use right click. Placing several chips on to several areas or options at one time is allowed.

After placing the bet, the player can now deal by clicking the Deal button and the cards will be dealt and the game result will be presented. If the player wishes to play again, he just needs to click the New Game button. The player should place his bet in the same manner as he did in his first game, and he can also make a re-bet to place the same amount of bet as the first round by clicking the Rebet button.

Here is the standard button layout for online baccarat: the Deal button should be clicked after making the first bet; the Rebet button allows the player to place the same bet as the previous game and then deals the cards after placing the bet; the Skip Turn button allows the player to pass his turn when playing in multiplayer mode; the New Game button allows the player to start a new round; the Game History button lets the player see the results of his previous games; the Chat button lets the player chat with other players when in multiplayer mode only; the Help button provides the player with some guidelines for his game play/round; the Option button opens the option dialog box; the Lobby button when pressed, lets the player exit the game, but he cannot exit in the middle of a round.

One hassle that any player would experience while playing online baccarat is disconnection from the internet. However if he wishes to log back on into the online casino, he can check out the results of his previous game by clicking on to the Game History button. His previous game will still be valid and the winnings will be credited to the player’s account.

Online baccarat is easy to learn and anybody who has no experience with the game will surely enjoy it. Any player who wishes to try online baccarat before playing the real game in a casino will learn the basics of the game as well.

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