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Online Blackjack Tips to Help You Win

It’s simply not enough that you know how the counting system works in online blackjack. You’ve realized that you need to utilize honest-to-goodness strategies in order to win in online blackjack. Constantly aiming for a 21 doesn’t seem to work in your previous games so what’s left for you to do?

Read our article and find out how to improve your online blackjack game!

Now, although this would seem like beginning our online blackjack article on a negative note, surrender is a pretty important factor in the game and which you should take advantage of if possible. In fact, not all online blackjack sites allow their players to surrender so if and when they do, make use of it if necessary!

Surrendering your cards mean giving up one-half of your bet right away. These are the only times you should surrender when playing online blackjack:

As long as they’re not made up of a pair of 8’s, always surrender cards totaling 16 if the online blackjack dealer shows anything between 9 to Ace. Surrender your cards if they total 15 as well and the online blackjack dealer shows anything from 10 up. These rules however are only applicable to multiple-decked online blackjack games.

For single-decked online blackjack games, you should only consider surrendering in the following conditions:

Your Total of 5-7 or 12-17 vs. the online blackjack dealer’s Ace Your Total of 14-16 vs. the online blackjack dealer’s 10

And speaking of decks, it’s always better to play online blackjack games that use the fewest numbers of decks. Trust me: it’s just statistically better!

Doubling down is another equally important factor when playing online blackjack. If you’ve heard about the advice of betting a small amount when doubling down – forget about that! The only reason you’re doubling down in online blackjack is because you have strong faith in your cards so why bet the minimum?

But anyway, there are certain circumstances in online blackjack that it’s absolutely essential you double down:

If the dealer’s cards are weak and yours are strong, double down! If the dealer’s face up card is 10 but yours total 11, double down again!

There’s no point using tricks like card counting or shuffle tracking when playing online blackjack because human error is simply not present at all!

We hope you enjoyed our online blackjack article. Don’t forget to keep on practicing with the use of free online blackjack games! Good luck, play well and get rich with blackjack!

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