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Cheating Online Gambling

The nightmare of any online gambler has come to reality in the form of Cryptologic.

Cryptologic is a system software used in online casinos which cheats its clients. Just recently, many people have been cheated by this software in the gambling games like Let It Ride.

However, it is not only Cyptologic that gambling players have to watch out for, experts point out. They say that you should stay away from any online gambling site that uses World Gaming Software.

SportingBet is also one to look out for. They have conspired with World Gaming in exchange of loan to cheat online gambling enthusiasts.

A common modus operandi of these cheating mafias is that they give out unbelievable bonuses to attract many gambling clients. Once they have an overwhelming number of accounts, and they cannot pay out the winnings, they take whatever money left in those accounts and head for the exits.

This type of crime is indeed inevitable for there is no clear legislation against online gambling. However, it wouldn’t be right to just ban online gambling completely. What the world need today are regulations that would minimize these cheaters and to monitor the gamblers, making sure that they are all of legal age. These are the primary problems of online gambling nowadays.

Because of the scandals plaguing the online gambling industry, credit card companies refuse to issue money to the online gambling sites and gamblers as well when they learn that the money is used for online gambling. Truly, online gambling has such a bad reputation.

To get rid of this negative image, and to improve the profits and trust of the public, online gambling sites must put a lot of effort in securing their clients’ account. They would also need the help of the government in putting up laws that would punish the cheaters in online gambling who abuse the clients. This way, the name of online gambling would be cleared.

As for now, no concrete step has been made to minimize these problems. Because of that gambling fans like you should take the burden itself, and just be more cautious. Do not believe in every promotions a gambling site has to offer, however much great they seem. Go to online gambling sites with no record of scams, for your own security. In this time that nobody else can protect you, you must be responsible for yourself. Do not lose hope, there are still many respectable and decent online gambling sites out there.

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