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Advice for People Learning How to Play Craps

Here’s a quick beginner’s lesson on how to play craps for people who are intending to test their luck in the game. Craps is one of the most exciting and entertaining games in casinos. You’re missing half of your life if you don’t know how to play craps so start learning by reading this article.

The Craps Table

The craps table is one of the most common how-to-play-craps problems and usually it takes only one glance for many would-be-craps-players to lose their courage.

When learning how to play craps, always remember that similar to roulette, your bet must be placed in the correct area for it to count the way you intended it to be. Remembering this how to play craps tip will keep you from hyperventilating while playing.

Secondly, when learning how to play craps, all areas in the craps table are neatly labeled so there is really no excuse at all for you to go wrong.

The Bets

The bets are one of the hardest things to master when learning how to play craps. But practice makes perfect so just keep on playing free online craps games till you get this how-to-play-craps lesson right.

Don’t neglect to pay attention to what the dealer is doing while learning how to play craps. This will minimize the chances of having misplaced bets and arguments between players and dealers.

Table Etiquette

When learning how to play craps, remember that if you’re betting against the shooter, never ever shout your numbers because that’s going to earn you enmity from majority of the crowd. Follow this particular how-to-play-craps tip and you’re to enjoy the game more.


Never neglect to tip the dealers. This is an all-important how to play craps tip! Tipping is not a form of bribing – it’s tradition! So don’t be a scrooge when you’ve won a bet in craps. Although there is nothing statistically favorable about this how to play craps tip, just think how good it will be for you when you do that because of karma!


If the table is crowded, do not elbow your way in to the front. Again, not following this how to play craps tip will only lead you to experience an extremely bad time when playing craps. If there’s no space, just leave and find another craps table.

We hope you had fun and sufficiently learned how to play craps from our article. Do share the blessing and teach others how to play craps as well. Have fun!

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