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The Kinds of Bets in Sic-Bo

Sic-Bo is quite simple to understand however the bets are hard to keep in mind. Sic-Bo makes use of three dice thrown by a player. It is similar to roulette in the method of wagering because a player predicts the result of the rolling of the dice. Prior to the rolling, a prediction is made on the result of the die. These results can be a mixture of a variety of numbers on the die or a variety of other results which provide various These predictions can be a combination of different numbers on the die or a variety of other outcomes which all offer different probabilities of winning.

There are seven varieties of bets that can be placed in Sic-Bo.


1. Single bet - Guess that one of the die will hit any number from 1 to 6. If a dice does hit on the predicted number, you win.

2. Two Die Bet- Predict that two out of the three die will hit a 2 number combination that you have selected. The third dice has no bearing on the game of the two others hitting the chosen number.

3. Three of A Kind - Select any number which you think will be hit by all three die.

4. Total of Three Die Bet- Guess that the sum of the three die will range from 4-17(number 3 and 18 is excluded because their payment is much higher).

5. Small or Big Bet - Predict that all the die will sum up to different numbers. The winning percentage in this bet is high because the chance that the die will hit the value you chose is relatively equal. "Small" bets are predictions that a number will accumulate any number between 4-10. On the other hand, "big" bets are any numbers ranging between 11-17.

6. Triple- Predict that one number will be hit by all 3 die.

7. Pair- Predict that two of the three die will hit one chosen number.

There are minimal amounts of tricks involved in all of these kinds of bets and there is a secret formula in winning the game of sic-bo and that secret ingredient is the sic-bo board. It contains all the information needed in making a right bet. Regardless, one still needs to have a knowledge of the hazards that comes with each bet. Sic-Bo offers fun and excitement and a high winning probability.

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